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William Bishop

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

810 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 2000


Greetings, I offer individual and relationship therapy services to assist people in living a fulfilling and inspired life. I am passionate about helping people to grow in their capacity to engage life with happiness, presence, purpose, emotional/social intelligence, and intention.

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Since 2003 I have worked in mental health, and through the years I have developed a unique ability to see and validate peoples’ most authentic selves, to support and uncover their true emotions, to guide them towards fulfillment and congruence, to promote deeply meaningful relationships, and to overcome the impediments to their potential.

I Offer:

  • Attachment-Based Interventions - helping people to create meaningful, regulating, and supportive bonds with loved ones. This generally involves a process of encouraging authenticity and a growth in one’s ability to tolerate and support the extreme emotions that surface when bonded to another person.

Symptoms this addresses: Loneliness, misunderstanding/invalidation, dysregulation, and relationships that lack depth, authenticity, empathy and passion.


  • Existential and Applied Philosophy Interventions – Helping people to live a life which is congruent with their true self and their subjective sense of meaning and purpose. This involves identifying the true self, and finding one’s purpose through investigating metaphor, important life stories, spirituality, culture, intuition, and philosophy.

Symptoms this addresses: Anxiety, meaninglessness, lack of fulfillment, lack of
direction/purpose, confusion, uncontemplated values, and apathy.


  • Experiential Interventions - Creating a therapeutic atmosphere where desired changes are enacted in the therapy room with guidance and feedback from the therapist.

Symptoms this addresses: low social/emotional intelligence aptitudes, difficulty with
communication, poor ability to set boundaries, and disempowerment.


  • Regulation, Somatic, Mindfulness, and Awareness Based Interventions – Helping people to live in the present moment with greater wellness by growing in their capacity to observe, understand, and interact with the various forces (such as anxiety), which distract us from living a harmonious life.

Symptoms this addresses: Anxiety, low tolerance for extreme emotions, anger
management issues, impulsivity, lacking mind-body awareness, low intuition, and an
inability to stop ruminating about the past or the future.


  • Cognitive and Narrative Interventions – Helping people to identify how core beliefs, personal stories about one’s life, and automatic thought processes impact their overall wellbeing.

Symptoms this addresses: Anxiety, lacking motivation, depression, dissonance, rigidity,
dichotomous thinking, automaticity, and internalized oppression.


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