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Wendy Baumann

Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over 40 years of psychotherapy experience in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I work primarily with depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, and adjustment to change.  I also have worked

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extensively with sexual abuse and childhood trauma.  Most issues can be traced to some loss of connection, and therapy is about finding, or restoring, our connection to our self, our past, and our sense of belonging in the world. 


To achieve this sense of connection. our focus may be letting go of past hurts or injuries, strengthening or creating a healthy sense of self, improving relationships, clarifying a current situation, and/or adjusting to a loss.


The methods I use are a mix of mindfulness, cognitive reframing, DBT and Lifespan Integration (LI). LI is a gentle, brain-wise method of rapidly healing traumas and building a solid self-structure. ( for more information)  I have also practiced EMDR since 1996.

My goal is to make psychotherapy safe, collaborative, respectful, and even fun.  Though we are often dealing with painful events and memories, my style encourages a sense of lightness and hope. 


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