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Susie Clark hitched a ride with a friend to Steamboat during a blizzard without
snow tires as a 22-year-old and never left. Dedicated to the Yampa Valley
community for many decades, she officially decided to become a mental
health professional in 1991. After working for 16 years at “the pool” or what is
now called The Old Town Hot Springs, she and a fellow co-worker headed to
the University of Denver to complete grad school (MSW). For the last 30 years,
she has practiced in many clinical settings, including our public and private
schools, preschools, Northwest CO Health, and Mind Springs Health. With

clients spanning 0-92 years old, she conducts early childhood mental health
consulting, crisis counseling, and most importantly a family-integrated
orientation to all therapeutic

Guided by a strong relationship-based approach, she includes a mix of
training and skill-building. She believes that wellness for most of us will mean
continuing to strengthen our relationships with those we love and care
about – even when they are driving us crazy. In addition, she uses Dialectical
Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a
non-judgmental focus on the present (Mindfulness), Solution Focused, Life
Span Integration (LI) all of which are tools to help her clients achieve their

Susie Clark enjoys and is honored to have the opportunity to do this work and
has the utmost respect for all who come to a space to find and develop their
most authentic self. She is deeply committed to ensuring that clients,
especially children, feel understood.

To get started, contact Susie Clark for a free consultation to determine if she
might be helpful in meeting your needs and goals.
text or call (970) 819-2752

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