Meredith Van Ness

Clinical Social Worker

Meredith is a licensed clinical social worker with expertise in depression and mood disorders, anxiety, personal improvement, stress and coping, self-esteem, personal improvement, work and career, and life transitions and life meaning.  Her 15 years of clinical experience allow her to help you find balance and restore wellness in your life. In addition, Meredith also has expertise in sleep coaching and sleep therapy and implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I).

Meredith’s emphasis in solution-focused, positive psychology, behavioral activation therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy allows for change facilitated through the therapeutic process. She creates for her clients an environment that is safe, caring, calm and empowering.  With her deep compassion and clarity, her counseling becomes a catalyst for positive change through self-awareness, acceptance,
healing and growth.
Beyond her work counseling in a private practice, Meredith has worked in the school system, in youth-focused non-profits, community mental health centers, hospitals and employee assistance programs. She also leads workshops and leads first responder trainings.  Meredith’s latest calling was getting certified as a life and wellness coach.  Meredith found much of her therapeutic practices focused on goal setting and making behavioral changes, which serve as an ideal platform in wellness coaching.  Through her online or in person coaching plan, Meredith helps her client design the life they want to create, live and love through a customized program based on evidence-based research.

Expertise in both coaching and more traditional therapies allows the client to benefit from integrative techniques and applications.  Meredith is deeply committed to personal growth and engaging in activities that deepen her connection with her inner self. Meredith works to find balance in her own life by spending time in nature, practicing yoga and spending time with her family.

Learn more about Meredith and her work at  She can be reached via email at, or call 303-717-9151.

419 Oak Street, Steamboat Springs