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I’m Matt Larock and I’m a dually licensed clinical therapist and addiction counselor (LCSW, LAC). I am trained in Somatic Experiencing trauma treatment, EMDR Therapy and I’m also a certified nature-based coach.

I work with men, women, teens, young adults and parents who want to stop white-knuckling their way through life’s difficulties and get the tools to make changes that stick for the long haul.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, I can help. I also coach parents of struggling teens and young adults navigate how to help their child eventually become a thriving adult. I help young adults heal their past, take responsibility for their future and move forward in a healthy way. And I help clients of all ages heal anxiety, trauma, stress and other difficulties.

I’ve lived in Steamboat Springs for over 25 years. Before I became a therapist, I owned a 300-seat restaurant for over 14 years; I am no stranger to stress and addiction. I’ve also been through 7 orthopedic surgeries in the past decade; I understand firsthand the effects of carrying stress and trauma in our bodies. While talk therapy is crucial for moving forward and making sense of our past, understanding how to undo the effects of trauma on our nervous systems through somatic work has been a missing link to many chronic and recurring maladaptive coping strategies, such as substance abuse. By combining both talk and somatic (mind/body) practices, I am able to assist those in overcoming obstacles that have blocked recovery.

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