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Mary Ellen Lemieux

Clinical Social Worker

Hello!  My name is Mary Ellen Lemieux and I am an LCSW who splits her time between Steamboat Springs and the San Francisco Bay Area.  As such I am licensed in both Colorado and California and am available to see clients both in person or via tele-therapy through out the year.  As you would expect, I spend my winters and summers in Steamboat and my fall and spring in California.  

I am primarily a family therapist, specializing in working with families experiencing separation, divorce, substance abuse issues, estrangement, school failure, lack of motivation, trauma, or gender identity Issues,  In the Bay Area, I work with a  number of families with transgender or gender non-conforming children and teens, and can guide any family through this new season.  I also enjoy parent coaching around kids of all ages, and am known for my straight-forward direction and feedback.  

As a relationship-oriented therapist, I believe the strength and quality of the relationship is the catalyst for change, and strive to build a strong bond with my clients that often transcends the current issue at hand and brings families back for additional help months or years later.  I also work with young adults experiencing anxiety or depression, using principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and DBT to learn new skills and better understand the root of their symptoms.  Lastly, I enjoy working with mothers of all ages who are experiencing a myriad of stressors and are looking for a safe confidential place to process their feelings and then are ready to return to the world at the end of their session.


I currently have an office in downtown Steamboat.


Mary Ellen Lemieux, JD, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Licensed in California, #73557 

Colorado, # 09926365, and  

Utah # 11557310-3501




PO Box 775304
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Currently by telehealth only



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