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Margy Bookman

Psychiatric Nurse Practioner

Mental health problems often require various methods to help with a patient's recovery. As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner/clinical nurse specialist, I am qualified to offer both medication prescription and management as well as psychotherapy for the adult patient.


I have provided mental health care in the Yampa Valley to a diverse patient population for 23 years.  Areas of expertise and interest are dealing with difficult cases and patients that have been resistant to past treatments, various types of mood disorders including bipolar, adult ADHD, anxiety disorders and problems with chronic pain.

My many years of nursing experience enables me to integrate the emotional/physical connection into mental health treatment that I often incorporate in my practice. My goal is to provide the most comprehensive, confidential patient-centered care.

Office: 810 Lincoln, 2nd Floor  ~  970-879-7637 x 8
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