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Laurie Crider


419 Oak Street

Solstice Building

Steamboat Springs



Do you want to feel better?  Are you interested in gaining insight into why you feel the way you do? Are you open to trying new behaviors that lead to a greater sense of well being and inner peace? 


My treatment approach involves taking an in-depth life history to arrive at a greater understanding of what is currently causing your problems and relational patterns.  How we move forward is individualized based on your treatment goals and history.  I really enjoy watching my clients develop a balanced lifestyle and achieve their personal goals (i.e., better relationships, less anxiety and depression, greater happiness and self-esteem).


My theoretical orientation is integrated, meaning that I draw from various schools of thought and approaches such as psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral.  In addition, I often teach clients mindfulness/meditation techniques in order to increase emotional awareness and regulate feelings.


I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience.  My specialty areas include Personal Growth & Well-Being, Anxiety & Depression, Trauma /Abuse/ PTSD, Eating Disorders, & Empowerment. Please see my website: to learn more about my services. 

Call me at 970-875-4755 to discuss setting up an appointment. 

I look forward to talking with you.

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