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Eddie Konold

Licensed Professional Counselor

Eddie Konold.png

I specialize in working with couples in committed relationships and individuals working with relationship issues ranging from premarital counseling, deciding to commit or not, getting divorced, but mostly making marriages happy and fulfilling. Love is complicated, and loving well is even harder.


I use Relational Life Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy and my own unique theory to help couples find their way back to feeling loved and cherished by each other. I apply multiple techniques custom to each client for lasting results based on a foundation of communication, self-confidence, personal efficacy, and emotional well-being. I also work with individuals and families looking to be happy and fulfilled in areas beyond relationship.

Ages: Young adults, adults, couples and families.

Specialty Areas: EMDR, men’s issues, couples counseling, relationship issues, substance use, self confidence/self-esteem


1041 Lincoln Avenue


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