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Alison Hobson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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When we experience intense stress or emotional pain, we may end up with unwanted anxiety,  depression, or conflicts within our closest relationships. We can feel stuck reacting or feeling negatively because of the way our nervous system stores painful experiences.  If this is happening, it’s a perfect time to reach out for some support to navigate through it and find a path forward. I provide warmth, insight and practical skills that will enable you to find that way forward.  In a safe and caring setting, we will investigate your problems with compassion, reprocess painful memories, and develop the life and relationships you wish for. Practices I use include Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR (a trauma informed practice) and Gottman Relationship Practices.  


There are encouraging and hopeful new developments in brain research that guide therapy practices today.  With an understanding of the brain's neuroplasticity and with practical daily practices, you can learn how to create meaningful change and repair important relationships.  If you've experienced trauma, I can help you heal and be free to move on.


I've worked as a family counselor, school counselor, crisis counselor, and hospital based behavioral health social worker over the past 25 years.  I believe in the benefits of counseling and am inspired by the healing we all have the potential for. Please reach out and know that your courage to seek support is the first step on a path towards hope and joy.  

Solstice Building  ~  419 Oak Street  ~  970-846-0755

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