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Clark Lay
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Colleen Clark Lay

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Counseling is a big decision that requires courage, time, and energy.  I have been an counselor since 2000, and I have practiced in various settings providing individual, couples, and group counseling. My unique approach to individual counseling is to treat the whole person.  A healthy self is made up of emotional, physical, and spiritual (not

necessarily) components.  All of which need nurturing to feel happy and fulfilled.  I can assist you in finding just the right balance for your life.  The only thing I ask of you in session is honesty, as it is the most effective way for me to be part of your journey.  In return, I will give honesty back in the forms of reflection, feedback, as well as tangible means of growth and coping.  I am not a smile and nod counselor.  We will work together to find the change you are seeking.


My approach to couples counseling is to treat each of the three components of the relationship.  There are three parties in the relationship.  The you, the partner, and the relationship.  In that process, my role

is to be on the side of the relationship.  During that journey, I will teach each partner to speak in language the other can understand.  Resulting in your ability to hear each other and grow together.  Couples counseling is often perceived to be only for people that are in a love relationship.  However, couples counseling is also for partners that were once in a love relationship that is now ending/is over and both parties wish to learn how to co-parent/co-business own, while not in love/living in the same house.  In any of these scenarios, the spaces on my couch are for people that are willing to do the work of counseling.  It takes Courage to Change and Live your most successful life.  


To schedule an appointment call 970-819-1558, and to learn more about me visit and on Facebook:  CCL Therapy

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