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Angela Melzer

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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Angela has a master’s degree in social work, and a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy. Post graduate work, Angela has studied mindfulness and neuroscience extensively. Angela  finished a three-year study program and certification in Somatic Experiencing in 2017, an approach to trauma by working with the nervous system. Angela uses her knowledge from the medical and psychological components of her education to address the whole body.

Angela started her career as a neuro-based Occupational Therapist, working in this capacity for 12 years, 3 of those years acting as assistant director of SportsMed at Yampa Valley Medical Center. After receiving her master’s degree in social work she created, opened, and directed the Integrated Health Department at Yampa Valley Medical Center (currently UC Health at YVMC) for four years. It was in this capacity that she truly wove physical medicine and traditional medicine with the alternative and psychological approach. Angela left YVMC and opened her own clinic in 2014. She currently practices in her clinic, Minds in Motion. She has written the book “Mindfulness in Recovery” for the Foundry.

Angela currently practices using Neuroscience education, Mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing with her clients. She believes the body must heal as a whole and not just through thinking processes. The body must heal not only from the head down, or otherwise known as top-down, but also from the body up, or Bottom-up processing.  

Angela specializes in trauma, pain, mindfulness training, anxiety, mind/body/somatic approaches and traumatic grief. To schedule with Angela please visit her website or call the number shown.

Minds In Motion    169 Hilltop Parkway    970-761-2249
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