Quote Me!

Here's how it works:  This is an online game for groups of 3 to 8 (you can go higher, but it's best with smaller groups where you know everyone fairly well). 

1.  Fill in the blanks.  Each blank = one word.  There is a correct answer . . . but your versions may be better.  After 30 seconds everyones' entries are shown anonymously.

2. Choose your favorite.  You're looking for humor, creativity, and sheer brilliance.  Once everyone has made a choice we move to the reveal.  Maximum of 20 seconds.

3. If anyone got the "right" answer, that person gets 1,000 points for the round (two winners = 500 pts each, etc).  In that case the voting on clever answers is just for glory.  If no one answers correctly the 1,000 points are assigned proportionate to the voting.